Smell Good, Feel Great, Live Better

SpaRoom® offers the best in Aromatherapy to help you on your Wellness Journey.

Each of our Essential Oils goes through rigorous testing to ensure they are bottled in their purest form, making their way to your home with no contaminants, added chemicals or dilutants. We take an extra step with our AromaSource® oils; every 15ml Roll-On, Pure Essential Oil & 125ml Carrier Oil is USDA Certified Organic. We also formulated our Kids Korner™ Line of 100% Pure Essential Oils by carefully choosing the safest and beneficial oils for children, while educating about the importance of using natural products.

We strive to inspire others to live healthy, the same ideals that our company was founded on. Quality & Affordability are most important to us, but so is ease-of-use and style.

Our diffusers are industry leading, offered in most major retailers & resorts across North America. Our specialty is our ability to drive new ideas to fruition, creating the most ground-breaking diffusers to elevate your sensory experience. Stylish ceramic misters with Bluetooth® capabilities, wireless nebulizers, and multi-water tank diffusers are just a few examples of the breakthroughs that SpaRoom™ has unveiled to the world. Regardless of how advanced the functionality of our diffusers are, the ease of operation and safety measures incorporated into each design is unmatched.

One of our newest ventures is what we refer to as ‘Diffusifiers’—Fully functional humidifiers that emit natural fragrance by accepting 100% Pure Essential Oil directly into the water tank. Our two models, TurboMist™ and MegaMist™ are the first of their kind to emerge on the market. Additionally, for those who have a traditional humidifier but are against breathing in synthetic fragrance, SpaRoom has developed a solution that we call H2Oil. H2Oil is an aqueous solution of water and essential oil made possible by the power of nanotechnology. H2Oil can be added to any traditional humidifier to grant you natural fragrance and therapeutic benefits.

SpaRoom® has also developed a new line of CBD products, marrying the newly embraced healing properties of CBD with the centuries old therapeutic abilities of Essential Oil. CBD (cannabidiol) is a naturally occurring cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. CBD is perfectly safe, legal, and our formulations contain no THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid also found in cannabis). CBD has been proven to help with chronic pain, stiffness, seizures, and anxiety. We have developed Topical Roll-on blends that contain 100% Pure Essential Oil and 100% Pure CBD Isolate as well as Diffusing Blends to allow you to reap the benefits in a variety of ways.

Our most versatile CBD Oil is our Broad Spectrum, Nano-Enhanced and Water-Soluble CBD Oil—it can be ingested orally, alone or with beverages and food, applied topically, or diffused. Nano-technology reduces molecular size for the highest bioavailability and the fullest absorption of CBD oil possible, meaning your body will absorb the healing properties faster and more effectively.

We recently bonded together with the globally recognized brand, Dog Whisperer®, to further the application of our CBD Essential Oil Blends for use with dogs. Our Dog Whisperer® CBD Essential Oil Blends have been designed to help calm and give relief to your furry friend, safely and naturally. Aromatherapy is also an effective way to combat a dog’s frantic behavior, so we have formulated dog-safe blends of 100% Pure Essential Oils that will also keep your home smelling fresh and odor free. Our Essential Oil Pooch Pendant™’s are trendy, un-invasive collar accessories that are intended to be used with our Calm Blend of Essential Oil to help keep your dog relaxed and obedient on walks or around the house.

We are ever expanding our product lines and our desire to educate everyone on the importance of living healthy with natural products. From home humidifiers to officially licensed Emoji® Automotive Air Fresheners, we have a product for everyone!