Essential Oil Diffusers

Stylish design, affordability, and ground-breaking features elevate SpaRoom® oil diffusers. Choose from dozens of different models, including nebulizers, ultrasonic misters, fan diffusers, essential oil humidifiers and more!

Our signature SpaRoom® models feature beautiful design, long run-times, and ease of use.

Also, AromaSource® models offer more advanced functionality with trendier, more luxurious home-decor oriented design.

Furthermore, our Kids Korner® Diffusers are perfect for families who embrace aromatherapy as our cute and whimsical diffusers are perfect for a child’s bedroom.

Finally, one of our newest ventures is Essential Oil Humidifiers. These are fully functional humidifiers that emit natural fragrance by accepting 100% Pure Essential Oil directly into the water tank.

Two new models include TurboMist™ and MegaMist™ and are the first of their kind to emerge on the market.